Event Audio Visual Setup

Our event audio visual setup services provide the technical support and equipment necessary to bring your event to life

Corporate Events, Conferences, Award Ceremonies, Symposiums, Seminar, Hybrid Conference, and many more!

Cutting-Edge Audio Visual Solutions for Events


Live Video Live Video

We have decades of experience in Live Videography for many types of events and for all kinds of purposes.


Live Audio Live Audio

Live audio is an essential element of any successful event. From concerts and festivals to corporate presentations, clear and consistent sound is crucial for creating an immersive and engaging experience for your audience.


Live Graphic Switching Live Graphic Switching

Don't let poor visuals ruin your event. Trust us to deliver a professional and seamless setup for your presentation that will impress your audience and enhance your message.


Dedicated Team Dedicated Team

Trust our dedicated team of passionate experienced individuals to deliver a seamless event experience for you and your audience.

Cutting Edge Audio Visual Setup
Confidence Monitors

Smooth and Seamless Event AV Solutions

From small meetings to large conferences, we have the expertise and resources to deliver seamless and professional AV support. We offer a range of services including screen and projector rentals, microphone and sound system rentals, lighting and staging setups, and more. Our team of experienced technicians will work with you to create a customized AV plan that meets your specific needs and budget.

Whether you need a simple microphone setup for a presentation or a full-scale AV production for a concert, we have the skills and equipment to make it happen. Trust us to handle all of your AV needs and make your event a success

Event Audio Visual Equipment and Services

A range of equipment and services for event audio visual setup


Live Video Camera Setup


Audio and PA System Setup


Vision Mixer & Live Graphics


Video/Graphic Switcher


Conference Accessories


Confidence Monitors and Projectors


Event Videography and Photography


Graphics, Overlays, Titles

We are your trusted vendor for Event Audio Visuals

Professional production team ready for your next event.

One-stop Service Provider


Web Development

Create excellent event microsites or landing pages.


Artwork Design

Produce required artworks for your event conveniently


Translation, Transcription

Reach audience from all markets across geographies.



Invitation cards, transcription booklets, product catalogue for your events.


Green screen Studio

A perfect controlled environment for your virtual event.


Remote Recording

Create professional video modules of remote speakers virtually.


Stage Production

Backdrop, Banners, Stage, Projectors, Lighting.. all in one place.

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