Managed Video Conferencing Services

From simplest to most complex requirements, our managed video conferencing services will solve all your virtual meeting problems. We provide complete technical solutions and services for small, medium or large scale events. 

Managed Video Conferencing Services in Singapore
On-site Video Conferencing Services

Video Conference

On-site Video Conferencing Services

On-site Video Conferencing Setup is an ad-hoc service providing our audio and visual equipment at your event or meeting venue to connect with remote parties via video conferencing platforms

If you are hosting an event with physical presenters at a venue and remote presenters joining via video conference, it is a daunting task to ensure all the technicalities and audio-visual setups are working well. With our decades of experience in this area, we provide a firm assurance of finest on-site video conferencing setup for your event. 

Virtual Video Conferencing Services

Video Conference

Virtual Video Conferencing Services

Virtual Video Conferencing Services are aimed to help your 100% virtual meetings that have no room for any technical glitches. We are providing our professional knowledge and experiences to guide you through each step and ensuring that your most important meeting goes smoothly and professionally. 

We provide the right conferencing tool to meet your requirements, pre-event testings and rehearsals, in-meeting technical assistance, recordings, reports and analytics and more.

Video Conferencing Apps

Video Conferencing Tools

Video Conferencing Tools and Apps for your Event or Meeting

Zoom, Webex, Bluejeans, Microsoft Teams, Vidyo, Polycom, Cisco, cloud-based, hardware-based.. the list of available tools are virtually unlimited. We will provide the best fitted tool for your event or meeting. 

Moreover, our audience engagement tools can be used along with the popular apps giving much more flexibility and smoother participant experience.  

Managed Video Conferencing Service Features

Video Conferencing Services Features

On-Site Ad-hoc Setup Anywhere

Flexible Solutions

Engagement Tools Integration

Professional Audio-Visuals

Connect to Web-based or Room Conferencing Systems

In-meeting Technical Assistance

Meeting Recording

Recce and Rehearsals


Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Video Conferencing Service is for any video conferencing requirement that needs professional equipment or professional technical assistance, typically for an event, important meetings, court hearing, remote presentations, etc.

Definitely! We can support on-site setup at your conference, as well as remote presenter testings and assistance, so remote presenters can join the conference and deliver their talks just like they are at the venue. 

For virtual meetings, we provide full technical support such as presenter connection checking, in-meeting technical assistance (making sure there is no audio or video disturbance during the meeting), recording and report of the meeting, and integration with our audience engagement tools if needed.

We provide full equipment and software required for on-site or virtual meetings. The participants or remote presenters who do not need a professional setup will need to use their own devices to connect. 

No. We provide an ad-hoc video conference system setup at event venues, office function rooms, or literally anywhere that has an internet connection. We do not provide permanent system installation.

Pricing is based on the actual requirement i.e, equipment, manpower, event hours, etc. Please get in touch with us to consult with our solutions expert and get an accurate quote.

Other Services

Audio Visual Setup

Complete audio visual arrangements for your events.

Web Development

Create excellent event microsites or landing pages.

Artwork Design

Produce required artworks for your event conveniently.

Translation, Transcription

Reach audience from all markets across geographies.


Invitation cards, transcription booklets, product catalogue for your events.

Green screen Studio

A perfect controlled environment for your virtual event.

Remote Recording

Create professional video modules of remote speakers virtually.

Stage Production

Backdrop, Banners, Stage, Projectors, Lighting.. all in one place.