Webcast Services for Virtual, Physical and Hybrid Events

Webcast your event live to the audience from Singapore and all over the world. Townhall Webcast, AGM Webcast, Symposium, Product Launch, Media Briefing, Award Ceremony and many more types of video streaming services!

We have the technological expertise and creative know-how to make your live events stand out. Whether you are promoting a new product, announcing corporate restructuring, or planning an annual conference, our live webcasting services will help you achieve your objectives.

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Webcast Features

Let us broadcast your event live to make it stand out!


Robust Webcast Platform

Host broadcasts that engage, educate, and convert attendees effortlessly.


Custom Webcast Registration Page

Gather data the right and secure way.


Custom Branded Theme

A branded page that everyone remembers.


Audience Engagement Tools

Engage, educate and interact.


On-site Audio Visual Setup

Host physical or hybrid events with ease.


Pre/Post Webcast Notifications

Keep the attendees posted.


Rehearsals and Testings

Practices and dry-runs for a perfect show.


Recording and Reports

Keep a professional archive of your event.


Webcast Formats

Virtual Webcast

A Virtual Webcast is where all the presenters, moderators, EMCEEs and attendees connect virtually online without a physical venue.

We provide all technical services and the webcast platform along with pre-webcast tests, rehearsals, custom registration page, custom branded theme, during webcast technical assistance, post-webcast notifications, recordings, and reports.

Webcast Platform Custom Registration Page Pre-Webcast Tests and Rehearsals Webcast Technical Assistance Pre-Post Webcast Notifications Recording and Reports

On-site Webcast

An On-site Webcast means the presenters, moderators, EMCEES and maybe some audience are gathered at a physical venue while the majority of the audience or attendees join remotely through the internet.

The venue can be a hotel function room, an auditorium, a training or conference room where we'll set up our Audio-Visual equipment and deploy on-site manpower for the webcast day.

This involves pre-webcast site recce, internet connectivity testing and rehearsals.

Webcast Platform Site-Recce and Testing Custom Registration Page Pre-Webcast Tests and Rehearsals Webcast Technical Assistance On-site Audio Visual Setup Pre-Post Webcast Notifications Recording and Reports

Hybrid Webcast

A Hybrid Webcast is when we have both on-site and remote presenters, moderators, EMCEEs, and attendees. It may involve one or more physical venues and remote connections.

The Hybrid webcast setup needs more on-site equipment and manpower based on the actual requirement along with pre-webcast recce, testings, and rehearsals.

Webcast Platform Site-Recce and Testing Custom Registration Page Pre-Webcast Tests and Rehearsals Webcast Technical Assistance On-site Audio Visual Setup Pre-Post Webcast Notifications Recording and Reports

Webcast Services for all Types of Events

Webcasting live video is an effective way to drive engagement across geographies with thousands of viewers.


Corporate Townhall

Reach out to offices from all over the world from one place through webcasts.


Product Launch

Let your new product fly by leveraging state-of-the-art digital communication technologies..


Live Surgery

Bring most valued medical procedures to targeted healthcare professionals right from the operation theatre.


CME, CPE Events

No room for errors when it comes to CME and CPE events, and we have excellent webcast solutions just for that.


AGM Webcast

Deliver the most important resolutions and announcements virtually and professionally to the shareholders.


Marketing Event

Reach large potential customers and analyze rich webcast data afterwards.


Sports Event

Webcast your sports event just like Sports TV Channels. Professional graphics, overlays, titles, scoreboards, and more.


Medical Conference

Host large-scale conferences with concurrent breakout sessions, full of virtual interactivities, post-event analytics, and so on.

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A webinar is simply an event just like a seminar or a conference that is made available online while "webcast" is simply a practice of broadcasting content over the internet (verb) or content being broadcasted over the internet (noun). Generally, a virtual workshop is regarded as a webinar while a live sports match online is regarded as a webcast.

No. We provide end-to-end services on an event basis. We do provide a robust proprietary webcast platform that is not on a subscription model. We also use 3rd-party platforms (Zoom, Webex, Bluejeans, etc) for our services as well.

We provide all the technical setup of the webcast i.e, Custom Registration Page, Custom Branded Theme, Pre-Post Event Notifications Setup, technical testing for the presenters, rehearsals, and technical assistance during the webcast, and many more value-added services along the way.

Yes. We will provide a cut-and-trimmed version in MP4 format of your webcast along with other reports and analytics.

Definitely! We are integrated with the Zoom Webinar Platform so you don't need to use Zoom's default registration page for your registration. Branding, themes, texts, and artworks can be customized.

While we can set up a custom webcast registration page in minutes, it's best to plan at least 2 weeks ahead as there will be testings, rehearsals, attendee signups, and so on. Typically most clients plan 3 to 4 weeks ahead.

Pricing is based on the actual requirement i.e, equipment, manpower, event hours, etc. Please get in touch with us to consult with our solutions expert and get an accurate quote.

One-stop Service Provider


Web Development

Create excellent event microsites or landing pages.


Artwork Design

Produce required artworks for your event conveniently


Translation, Transcription

Reach audience from all markets across geographies.



Invitation cards, transcription booklets, product catalogue for your events.


Green screen Studio

A perfect controlled environment for your virtual event.


Remote Recording

Create professional video modules of remote speakers virtually.


Stage Production

Backdrop, Banners, Stage, Projectors, Lighting.. all in one place.

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