Live Streaming Services

Live stream your events on your favourite social media channels, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo and more. 

Private and Secure Streaming Platform for Corporate Streaming Events available with rich interactivities, analytics and reports. 

Professional live streaming service provider in Singapore you can trust.

Live Streaming Services in Singapore
Live Streaming Services

Public Social Media

Social Media Live Streaming

We provide live streaming services for different types of events on any social media and custom streaming platforms. Our experienced team members ensure your event is streamed on your favourite channel with precise bitrates and configurations for broadcast quality production.

Deliver your audience a jaw-dropping show on social media channels with our awesome on-site live streaming videography specialists.

Live Streaming Services

Private Channel

Private & Secure Custom Live Streaming Platform

For private or corporate events, we provide a Private and Secure Live Streaming Platform that comes with endless customization possibilities. The ultra-low latency streaming infrastructure is integrated with live Audience Engagement tools such as Live Q&A, Polling, Survey, Quiz, and more.

Unlike social media platforms, you have complete control and insights of your audience. Rich data analytics and reports available. Excellent for various types of corporate events such as Townhall Webcast, AGM Live Streaming, Product Launch Webcast, Medical Conference Webinar, and more. 

Corporate Live Streaming Services

Hybrid Live Streaming

Hybrid Live Streaming with Remote Speakers

Easily onboard international speakers from all over the world remotely on your live events without hassle with our professional supports. We provide various video conferencing solutions and tools for overseas speakers and presenters to simply connect with your onsite speakers or moderators for an engaging discussion.

Specific service packages are available for Corporate Events with physical main location setup and remote directors/speakers connecting virtually i.e, Townhall Webcast, Virtual AGM Webcast, Corporate Training Webcast etc.

Private Streaming Platform Features

Private Streaming Platform Features

Secure & Private

Ultra Low Latency*

Global Content Delivery Network

Auto Scaling Cloud Infrastructure

Live Q&A, Chat and Polling

Cross Browser and OS Friendly

100% Web-based (No Download Required)

User Level Reports and Analytics

*Ultra-low latency may not be available on some mobile browsers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! Live Streaming is simply transmitting audiovisual media over the internet using software or hardware encoders. Such encoders usually receive the audiovisual media through a live video camera or recorded video files uploaded to the encoder. It is very common to live stream recorded videos throughout or during a show.

The ways to access live streaming differ based on the platform and the configuration the live stream is on. Most social media platforms will allow you to access the stream freely while some custom private platforms may need your prior registration and confirmation. Usually, you can find the required information on how to access the live stream in your email inbox if you registered for the event.

Streaming a private event may involve videography setup, encoders, routers, vision mixers, switchers, audio consoles, and private streaming platforms.Based on the size and importance of your event, we suggest that you engage professional service providers like us to stream a private event.

The cost to live stream an event varies based on the size of your event and the required equipment. Cost factors for a live event are Streaming Platform Used, Number of Attendees, On-Site Equipment and Manpower, Duration of the Event. Sometimes locations of the attendees may be a cost factor too. 

Other Services

Audio Visual Setup

Complete audio visual arrangements for your events.

Web Development

Create excellent event microsites or landing pages.

Artwork Design

Produce required artworks for your event conveniently.

Translation, Transcription

Reach audience from all markets across geographies.


Invitation cards, transcription booklets, product catalogue for your events.

Green screen Studio

A perfect controlled environment for your virtual event.

Remote Recording

Create professional video modules of remote speakers virtually.

Stage Production

Backdrop, Banners, Stage, Projectors, Lighting.. all in one place.